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Leave Hangovers in the dust.

14 Effective

Plan A rids your body of the toxins responsible for hangover symptoms – leaving you feeling fresh the next morning.

14 Safe

Made with naturally-occurring, organic, gluten-free herbs & vitamins and no added chemicals, Plan A is as safe as can be.

14 Proven

Plan A was developed using antioxidant and detoxification research and ingredients dating back to ancient times & civilizations.

14 Organic

Plan A contains naturally-occurring, organic ingredients that have been used for centuries to purify the human body.

14 Revolutionary

Plan A is not a multi-vitamin. It is the only product of its kind to cover all aspects of hangover prevention.

14 Research Backed

Each ingredient in Plan A was carefully selected to perform a specific purpose in preventing your hangover.

Plan A Process

   Take it

Take Plan A with your first beverage, or during alcohol consumption.

   Have fun

While you enjoy yourself, Plan A will be working to absorb and neutralize toxins that cause hangover symptoms, preventing them from entering your bloodstream and leaving you feeling badly the next morning.

   Love life

Wake up the next morning feeling fresh and ready to seize the day! Go for a run or head to brunch, but certainly brag to your friends how amazing you feel, and tell them they also need Plan A!

*Note: Plan A does not reduce the effects of alcohol consumption, and does not prevent or inhibit intoxication. Please drink responsibly.

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